“My perdon has been approved! Why Do I need to go to Ciudad Juarez?”

We have all heard of the infamous process of the “perdon” or “waiver” in the U.S. During this process of your case and once your “perdon” gets approved, you are required to attend to an interview in Ciudad Jaurez, Mexico at the US Consulate if you are a citizen of Mexico. (If you are from another country, then you will have to attend your interview at your country of origin.)

This is the final step of completing your process to receive your Lawful Permanent Resident card. Individuals that have never lived in the US or individuals that have entered into the U.S. without inspection (unlawfully) and have resided in the U.S. for more than 1 year are required to attend to an interview in Ciudad Juarez. This is the reason why we have an office in Ciudad Juarez to be able to be at your side and to be able to assist you in your navigation of your final step.

We are the only American immigration attorneys in Ciudad Juarez, and we invested in this endeavor for our clients exclusively in the United States. There are three main benefits our clients enjoy:


Our team commits to making sure our clients are accompanied to all necessary appointments and personal needs. No need to travel to Ciudad Juarez alone and trusting strangers upon arrival. No worries about hotel or medical appointment reservations “magically” disappearing, and then “fixed” for extra fees.

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As we average 15-18 families a month traveling to Ciudad Juarez from the United States, we negotiated the best rates and service possible with the local hotels.

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Our Ciudad Juarez team is buoyed by our US attorneys in the States, including two licensed Mexican attorneys, working daily with our Ciudad Juarez representatives to successfully conclude all Consular Processing needs in Ciudad Juarez.

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At Mendoza & Campos Law Offices, P.C., the firm takes pride in reviewing your consular preparations and documentations.

Hire us even if you already have your petition and provisional waiver approved.

Meet ASAP with an attorney to review your entire case anew and eligibility to determine if you will be denied in Ciudad Juarez (available in our Stockton and Sacramento Offices only).